This is a great session to ask any questions you have about photography and working as a professional photographer. Questions such as: how do I get clients? How much do I charge? What is it actually like to work as a documentary photographer? How many photos should I deliver on a shoot? How do I write a pitch email? How do I get started and actually make money at this?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding working as a documentary photographer, we tend to look up to other photographers and have absolutely no idea about the steps they took to get to where they are now. This can be so discouraging. You know you need to forge your own path but you don't know how...

This session is aimed at answering your questions, helping you gain some clarity on where you want to go, and put together a quick working plan on how its possible for you to get there...

Answers to all your follow up questions via email


For the call and one month follow up support


A Zoom call that I will record so you can listen back to it

90 Minutes:

Package No. 1 - the introduction

This is for you if you want some intensive help with your career or a specific project. If you want someone to help guide you, clear your path, and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Calling yourself a "professional photographer" can be tricky, and not all of us are born with the confidence to really claim that title from the beginning. But look, if you love to take pictures and feel passionate about photography enough to want to make it a career, you can absolutely do it.

If you've already started to dip your toe into professional photography and you're not sure how to fully commit, if you have a good idea of where you want to go but you're having trouble staying on course, this package can be really helpful for you. With three intensive calls we can set you up, start you off and make sure you keep going in the right direction with a little accountability and lots of encouragement.

Answers to all follow up questions via voice note


For the calls and three months follow up support


Over Zoom and recorded so you can listen back to them

Three 90 Minute Calls:

Package No. 2 - the deep dive

I created this package because it's exactly what I could have used when I first started. It's a real investment in your future - when I finally decided to fully commit myself to growing my career there was no looking back and I WISH I had someone to hold my hand in those first few months.

No professional photographers path looks the same - there's no direct path into this career! So don't worry if yours looks different, it was always going to. The only thing that separates the photographers who succeed from the ones who don't is their ability to Just. Keep. Going... But where do you start? How do you structure your work week? How do you bring in those big opportunities?

This is for you if you want someone to help set you up for success, to help you with everything from the practical steps for how to succeed to listening to all your fears and worries along the way.

Answers to follow up questions via voice note


For the call and indefinite follow up support


Over Zoom and recorded so you can listen back to them

Six 90 Minute Calls:

Package No. 3 - the full support

For the first time ever I feel like I actually know where I'm going in my career and it's not necessarily less scary but it's definitely less overwhelming. Can't recommend 1-1 coaching with Freya more, today feels like it marks the first of my career.

I'd been considering and searching for support/advice/coaching/mentor for ages now. Freya is a career fairy godmother with whom I felt safe, heard, respected and steered (never pushed) towards the documentary photography career I dream of.

Yesterday I got to speak with on of my biggest inspirations, @freyadowson, on a video call. It really opened my eyes to the industry I'm moving into, and I haven't felt so motivated in a long time!! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and time.

I just did a 1-on-1 coaching call with amazing documentary photographer/mother/ inspirational Instagram presence @freyadowson. As a self-taught photographer, it's easy to let self-doubt stop me from investing in myself and hard to take leaps of fait. While it was very much a business development call with focus on how to pitch, where to go next and how to find clients, an element of motivational therapy snuck its way in there too. I feel motivated and ready to start believing in myself again.

Had the most amazing conversation with this inspiring human today about goals, confidence, and practical steps towards using my creative gifts in powerful ways.
@freyadowson, thank you for your wisdom, encouragement, and giving me the tools to pursue a career I love.

Just had a fab 1-1 session with one of my fave photographer inspirations @freyadowson and she helped me work through something that's been worrying me lately work-wise - 10/10 would recommend to any photographer looking for a mentor session!

I look forward to responding to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your message!

I've had these calls with other photographers too, and whether you want to invest a little bit or a lot in helping yourself navigate the path in front of you, it can completely change your trajectory when you ask for help. Especially if you're being held back by fear or self doubt.

When your path ahead isn't clear it's so easy to come up with reasons why you can't follow your dreams or why now is not the time, but I promise you, it doesn't actually have to be as complicated as you think.

Investing in yourself and your future career can be hard, but you don't have to start out on this path alone...

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