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From photographing coal miners several miles underground in Pakistan to taking arial shots of elephants out of a helicopter in Kenya, I like to be challenged and I thrive on telling stories that matter.

With over ten years experience in the field as a photographer, filmmaker and multifaceted story teller I work with clients from small, home grown not for profits to large global brands.

I also have a passion for photographing lifestyle stories for small, ethical brands - you can find more of my personal and portfolio work over on my Instagram. Please get in touch via email, phone or DM - I love nothing more than connecting with people who share the same passion for photography and stories that matter.

Freya Dowson is a Dubai based, international documentary photographer focusing on humanitarian, wildlife and environmental stories.

Meet Freya

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I love to forge connections with my photos that link one heart to another, to a concept or to a story in a way that ultimately makes a difference.


I work best when I can move freely and immerse myself in a story to get to the heart of what is truly going on. I believe in collaborating with my subjects to let the story they need to tell unfold.

Planning and educating myself before a shoot is incredibly important to me, however remaining agile and reactive to my subject and environment has always resulted in some of my best photographs.

For a quote or to discuss your ideas and find out if I would be the best photographer for your project, please get in touch.

I love to shoot with natural light and a minimal camera setup...

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I'd love to help you achieve your photography goals.
Wherever you are on your journey, whatever challenges you are facing, whatever confusion or crisis of confidence you're navigating - I have been there too. I can help you bring some calm to the confusion, hatch a plan to get where you want to go, answer all your questions and support you along the way. I LOVE to help others work towards their dreams and I can absolutely help you.

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"The way to become a better photographer is to find the work that lights you up and focus on that."