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I am drawn to capturing the basic elements that speak to our better nature as humans, to telling the stories bind us to each other and create a lasting bond with natural world. Even though our personal stories differ, we are not so separate from each other and nature is something that connects us all.

I love to forge this connection with my photos, to link one heart to another, to a concept or to a story in a way that ultimately makes a difference. I believe we are all searching for a piece of ourselves everywhere we go and capturing these common pieces in a photo allows people to connect on a personal level to life completely different from their own.

What started out as an impromptu trip to Kenya as a producer with a borrowed camera, launched a career as a photographer focusing on humanitarian work, wildlife and conservation. From an NGO working to create real, sustainable change, to a business with purpose and heart, small home grown brands to large global companies, I am available for projects internationally. 

Freya Dowson is a documentary photographer with over ten years of experience in the field.

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