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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

About Freya

I think one of the reasons I love Wales so much is because it’s so moody and temperamental – the weather I mean. I love a grey sky, big dark clouds, the threat of rain – if I never had to work with a blue sky I wouldn’t mind. I love blue sky and sunshine for myself, but for my photography I prefer a brewing storm or golden hour every second of the day – not to be demanding or unreasonable. So when Adam and I visited Wales a little while ago and it was nothing but blue skies and sunshine I was a little thrown!

But Pembrokeshire and St David’s is just beautiful, rain or sun it’s glorious and if I could afford to buy a house anywhere in the UK (lols) then I think I would opt for there – ok maybe as a location for a second home because my beloved London Fields would take precedence.

Adam’s parents were visiting and they hired a little cottage in a town called Solva for us all to stay in. We wandered the beach and laughed at Molly as she played in the ocean and mistook the buoys for giant tennis balls – we even found some alpacas in a field just down the road! 

Next we visited Ramsey Island which is a beautiful conservation area and paradise for some rare birds, and it comes complete with wild ponies!! If it hadn’t been brilliant sunshine the whole time it would have been one of my photography dreams come true – so I’m going to head back in the autumn when we’re guaranteed a storm cloud or two. I mentioned on Instagram where we were and it was actually Emma from @fieldandnest who recommended we visit Ramsey Island – don’t you just love the internet?

And finally, Haverfordwest for the most brilliant golden hour of all time. Ok so maybe there are benefits to having a storm free sky…



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