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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

About Freya

This time around, visiting Senegal, it felt like a completely different country. The last time I was on a shoot there was almost fifteen months ago and I was in such a different place – it was over the anniversary of Robert’s death I was struggling a bit. Everything felt just a little bit hard and a little bit sad. I was ok, but still a bit raw, and looking back I can see how that added a lens to the way I was looking at everything. But last week as I was traveling and shooting I felt so differently, I was much more positive and relaxed – the challenges didn’t seem so big.

Senegal in general however, is a more challenging country to work in. For me as a photographer, trying to get the shots I like to get – it’s not easy. I’m not sure what it is but while some love the camera, kids especially, other’s almost seem to hate it and when I ask for permission for a shot and get a “no” it usually feels like there’s a bit of anger behind it. I asked Justice, my local contact, what it was about and as a photographer himself, he said he didn’t know – he had never experience that. But what I’ve discovered is that each photographer’s experience of a place is different and that’s down to so many factors.

But beyond anything, it’s an absolutely stunning country with beautiful people. And I mean beautiful! They’re stunning. It always feels safe, relaxed and the golden hour there is one of the most beautiful. Check out the vlog below to see what I mean:


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