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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

About Freya

Only a few months ago I’m positive I was talking about how quiet life has been lately – I’m sure of it. And yet here I am, horribly behind on posting about my travels because I’ve been on the move with no time for writing! 

And now here I am in Nepal, looking back on my first trip to Kenya this year in October, and wondering seriously about where time has gone.

It’s not unusual for me to have peaks and troughs where travel is concerned, but I will say that this is the most intense collection of trips I’ve ever done. By January I will have been on fourteen long-haul flights in three months and I wish I could tell you that I have by now mastered the art of sleeping in economy class, but I haven’t. 

And while these photos from Kenya were only taken a month ago, it feels like a lifetime. Which makes me a little sad actually. While I will never forget these people and places for as long as I live, the Maasai women who invited me into their home for tea, the school kids who over-posed so sweetly and hilariously for photos, it all does go by in a bit of a blur. I know I’ve said it before but I would love to immerse myself for a while in a place and really get to know it, to tell it’s story slowly and carefully – not in a rush.

But that’s just the way it goes in this job (not always, but usually), you don’t get paid to linger, you get paid to work and work bloody hard and long hours to get as much as you can as fast as you can.

And on that note, I have a question for you… do you have any questions for me? I get asked a lot about working as a photographer – what it entails, how I work, how I taught myself to do this, how I made it a career. Is there anything specific you want to know? I’m planning on putting together an FAQ post. So now’s your chance – ask away!



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