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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

About Freya

Living life at a million miles a minute is great. But sometimes things slip through the cracks, like when you travel to Berlin for the weekend and the one thing that slips your mind is packing any clothes…

On Friday I arrived home from a photography trip to Kenya at 4:45am and flew to Berlin at 6:30pm – I had bought tickets ages ago as a surprise for Adam. And since I had just over a week to get myself ready to fly to Nepal on Monday (is this confusing? I’m confused…), I had to unpack and do about seven loads of laundry, start the edit on my Kenya shoot, get my camera cleaned, and prepare for another three weeks away from home.

So it wasn’t a surprise really when I got to Berlin and opened up my suitcase to find my pyjamas, toothbrush, a summer dress, and… that’s it. Needless to say November not summer dress season in Berlin.

It’s ok though! I’m pretty used to traveling with not much and having traveled there in leggings and a jumper I resigned myself to living in that for the weekend and buying some new underwear. I love not having to worry about what I’m wearing, and if my choices are limited it gives me extra room in my mind to dedicate to more important things – like hunting down the best potato and cheese dumplings Berlin has to offer.

Traveling with a limited wardrobe is the way forward. A warm coat, this one is my choice from Fjällräven, a good bag – you can’t beat a Kånken (especially one so good for the environment), an old cosy jumper and the best leggings ever made. Oh and some good boots.

Packing for three weeks in Nepal, India and Pakistan is going to mean a small suitcase and lots of multi-purpose items of clothing, because who can be bothered with hauling around a heavy bag anyway? 



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