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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

About Freya

There are parts of the world where my heart really feels at peace and at home.  Traveling in Morocco got me thinking about those trips that really get me excited to jump on a plane, and the ones that I go on with an inquisitive mind and an eager heart, hoping to find a culture and country I can really connect with.


Looking at these photos got me thinking…

These are the things I know about myself and travel: I love a warm, humid climate. I love a place that is full of culture, where old traditions mix with modern ways. Where, as developed as a place has become, there’s still a nod to its ancient roots. I love greenery, I love an old mossy building, a climate and a country where nature is always trying to take back control.

I love religious buildings: temples, mosques, churches, you name it I’ll visit it. I’m not religious myself but I’ve always been captivated by faith and the coming together of people to celebrate something bigger than what has been made my humans. Any city, town, village, farm or whatever that has a nod to religion somewhere, that’s where I like to hang out. There’s such a sense of peace about it all – is that weird, coming from a non-religious person?

I love jungle. I’ve already mentioned that, but when it comes to visiting somewhere dry and arid or somewhere green and swampy – give me swampy every time

Having been to Morocco before, especially at such a pivotal time in my life, I knew exactly how attached I was to the country. Last time I visited I had just dropped out of university and took off to Spain for a few months. I met up with a group of people at a hostel and we decided to all head to Morocco on the ferry via Gibraltar for a few days. We got lost in Marrakech, hitchhiked through the Atlas Mountains, camped in the Sahara and ate road-side food that would make even the most seasoned traveller give that particular tagine the side-eye.

It was a time in my life that changed me, and yet I didn’t develop that almost heart-ache attachment that I have for other countries. A part of me really loves it there, and I would visit again and again, but while it wrote a big chapter in the story of my life, Morocco will go down in my book as a fling rather than a great romance.

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