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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

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That’s a Simone de Beauvoir quote.

Here’s the second in a series of four posts about our honeymoon in New York. Enjoy!

On day two of our honeymoon we headed into Manhattan to have a good look around. I really like Brooklyn, but some parts of it kind of remind me of Toronto a bit and I wanted to see the parts of New York that would give me that You’ve Got Mail kind of feeling – you know?

We ended up in the Meatpacking District, which is a bit more Sex in the City but whatever, because Adam and I both wanted to walk The Highline. It was really lovely and something I wouldn’t hesitate to do again when we go back, it shows some spectacular views!

Afterwards we headed to the Flatiron Building and to Madison Square Park because, you know, Shake Shack!!!! But unfortunately it was closed because they’re remodeling. So we had a peek at the sign, figured out where the closest one was, and decided to walk it. It was a pretty long walk, but we took in Time Square on the way and got a feel for just walking the streets of New York, as you know we love to do. 

When we finally arrived at Shake Shack, it was everything we hoped it would be. Super delicious burgers and fries, but I did find something dodgy in my burger which was a little bit grim. I don’t mind because I’ve worked in enough kitchens to know this kind of thing happens, and I’m not easily put off my food, but the point of this little side story is that it was the first time that Adam made a complaint and got to say “my wife found something dodgy in her burger”, not “my girlfriend”. It was a fun moment and he said it felt very natural 🙂

I’m saving our dinner from this evening for a separate post because it was one of my favourite parts of our honeymoon and I think it deserves it’s own spotlight.

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