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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

About Freya

I nearly came home with a puppy, I really did. 

On our last day in New York we packed a lot in. We strolled around a few neighborhoods including Greenwich Village, Chelsea, the Upper West Side and Tribeca, did some shopping at Madewell (ok did some shopping at Madewell), had a very fancy lunch at Bouley, wandered around Central Park, and met a friend for dinner. 

I’m sorry to say I don’t remember where we had dinner, even though it was lovely. But I DO remember where we went for dessert! We had a change of location because Adam’s friend Jonathan said we needed to try his favourite dessert, ice cream sandwiches!! And they were delicious. We went to The Meatball Factory where you get to choose your own combination of cookie and ice cream – I went for snickerdoodle and brown sugar, but I kind of wish I had gone for the fresh mint because that was Adam’s choice and I got some serious food envy.

We finished off the evening and our honeymoon with a trip to The Ides, a wonderful bar in The Wythe hotel in Brooklyn that offers some spectacular views of Manhattan.

And my last memory of New York and Brooklyn will always be the moment I ordered a vodka martini and the waitress asked me what kind of vodka I wanted – at which point she proceeded to list off about eight different varieties. I hadn’t heard of any of them, and when I looked puzzled and said “I have no idea, which one would you recommend?”, she looked equally puzzled and surprised that I didn’t have an obscure vodka preference. We’ve had a good laugh about that one several times since. It seemed…. very Brooklyn.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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