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Freya Dowson is an international documentary photographer based in Dubai.

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The very first in a series of four posts about our honeymoon in New York. Enjoy!

When Adam and I arrived in New York after our wedding in Bermuda, I think we were still in a state of shock. I know I haven’t told the full story yet, and I’m waiting on our official wedding photos to do that, but I have mentioned that there was a hurricane so I’m sure you can imagine where that state of shock came from. And also, getting married is quite a big deal, so we were still adjusting to the idea that now we are husband and wife, not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. 

So thank goodness we treated ourselves to a fancy airbnb in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Even on honeymoon I would still rather stay in a fancy airbnb over a fancy hotel. The minute we arrived we felt both at home and captivated by the place – there was something new and interesting on every surface, and there was even a roof we could sit on to have our coffee in the mornings. It was utter perfection. 

We arrived in the evening and settled in before heading out to dinner at a restaurant very close to the flat called Five Leaves. I don’t know whether it was because we were feeling extra loved up, or because we were revealed that the stress of the wedding was behind us, but our dinner at Five Leaves was possibly one of the best dinners we’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Brooklyn, this is a must!

The next day we were still pretty tired, and even though New York is not the place to be a tired tourist, we still had a pretty good day – even if we were a bit slow. We walked around our neighborhood, fueled up with north-american coffee (and that means cream instead of milk – YUM!), and made our away across the Brooklyn Bridge. We also did Little Italy and China Town which was fun to see.

That evening we ate at Paulie Gee’s pizza which was also delicious – though I still love my Franco Manca and Pizza Pilgrims. I never thought the day would come when I would prefer a British pizzeria over an American one, but there you go, miracles can happen. We had a chat with Paulie himself and when he asked where we were from, he said “have you eaten at Franco Manca? I hear they’re a popular place in London!”. Also, I love the way that Americans call pizzas, pie. A pizza pie. I love pizza and I love pie so why not combine the two? Genius. 

After dinner we grabbed a cab and headed into Manhattan to see a band play at The Bowery Ballroom because Adam always loves to go and see a gig in whatever country and city we visit. The band was called Ought and they were pretty fun, the front man was really good at putting on a show and that’s something we appreciate – too often they just stand there looking artsy and nervous, which is understandable because I’m sure I would be nervous too.

So that was our first day in New York. As distracted and disoriented as we were, we did have a wonderful time. Day two is coming tomorrow!

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